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lassic Cool 180 is the coolant of choice for many restoration and classic car specialists. For manufacturers such as Eagle, no other coolant offers the complete protection of Evans waterless coolants.

No Water - Classic Cool 180 contains no water eliminating the problems caused by water based coolants, increasing reliability and extending engine life.
-40c to +180c - Classic Cool 180 has a boiling point above 180c eliminating the risk of overheating and boil-over associated to water based coolants.
Low Pressure - Classic Cool 180 generates 75% less vapour pressure than water based coolants, significantly reducing strain on hoses, seals and gaskets.
Protection - Classic Cool 180 reduces cavitation erosion by 75% compared with water based coolants and eliminates oxidation corrosion.
Long Life - Classic Cool 180 has been proven to last more than 20 years and a million miles in service without the need for replacement.
Non Toxic - Classic Cool 180 has been tested and certified as Non Toxic by an EPA approved laboratory. It is biodegradable and will not bio-accumulate. Evans Waterless Coolants are proven to be Non-Toxic. Standard anti-freeze is toxic and known to kill pets.
Benefits over water-based coolants

Eliminates Overheating - Evans Waterless Coolants have a boiling point above 180C and will not vaporise, thus eliminating overheating, boil-over and after-boil.
Reduces Pressure - Evans Waterless Coolants generate very low vapour pressures reducing strain on engine hoses and cooling system components.
Prevents Corrosion - Water promotes corrosion via oxidation and electrolysis. Evans Waterless Coolants contain no oxygen and are virtually non-conductive effectively preventing corrosion.
Maximise BHP - Evans Waterless Coolants eliminate pre-ignition and detonation caused by overheating - thus increasing combustion efficiency and delivering more power.
Stops Erosion - Evans Waterless Coolants stop cavitation and eliminate liner and cooling pump erosion.
Freeze Protection - Evans Waterless Coolants freeze below -40C

For use in classic car engines primarily fabricated from cast iron with carbon steel, copper & aluminium components.
Not suitable for engines using thermo-syphon cooling systems.

ASTM & ISO Standards

Evans in association with ASTM committee D15.22 have developed a specific range of standards for waterless engine coolants. All Evans Coolants are manufactured in accordance with certified ISO procedural standards.