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Valvemaster Plus with its unique phosphorus formula protects against valve seat recession plus it raises the octane level of 95ron unleaded fuel by up to 2 octane - making it the most effective and cost-effective solution for use in classic performance vehicles benefiting from higher octane unleaded fuel.

Endorsed by the FBHVC, ValvemasterO Plus with a unique phosphorus formulation was shown to offer the highest level of protection of all products tested.
Valvemaster is the recommended solution for cars and motorcycles requiring valve seat protection plus an Octane Boost of up to an additional 2 octane when added to either 95ron, 97ron, or 98ron octane unleaded fuel.

The best protection after lead against valve seat recession
Increases 95ron unleaded by up to 2 octane
Protects your engine under all driving conditions
Keeps fuel systems clean
Protects against corrosion
Increases performance, reducing 'pinking'
Reduces fuel cost